28 February 2013

march coming


yeah yeahh...bulan 3 dah datang..its my favourite month..because love the number of three so much as well my birthday month too (count the day)...like like like...hope today can be something different like other day..i meant not too boring, at least can do something like 'cari rumah sewa for the next sem', or 'jalan jalan dekat kelantan'...2 weeks here i'm boring..boring seriously..because i like fool people and i dont know what want to do.. did kelantan doesnt have the nice place or unique place to go lepak-ing?? herghhhh...yesterday, i sleep early after play 'sahiba' with my roomate..we like a stupid play the game...u look my word the i look your word too then laughing yang entah pape...ARGHHHHH...tekanan tekanan...

maaf kalau xpaham bahasa yang ingin saya sampaikan..saya tak pandai speaking..ni pown cuba belajar, nak improve kan lagi hope sem depan boleh lah amek MUET...hemm MUET susah x ea???

p/s : yesterday i got mesej from someone and for me ex-special...hemm sad sad sad..but so k, past is past...

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