24 October 2011

be nice yauww

haii hello peeps (buang tebiat)
owhh okay..assalamualaikum =)

Did u believe with long distance relationship ?

Yeah! Sure I believe that.
because I am
so what ?
why people euuwww with that?
they don’t know whats going around .
Yeah, it’s not easy actually.
but I believe that will be amazing !
aha ~

when u love someone don’t make them feel easy with u
make them feel appreciate with u
make them feel u are only one in the world that their love
don’t love someone much n much
that will maybe hurting u
so be careful guys
just make your relationship 
go on
with laughing
comfortable with u
and make sure “be nice”
because why?
wherever they go they will remember u
trust me.

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