19 July 2011

Who is your best friends and how did you meet??

once assalamualaikum..
if you think you are islamic..please answering...

HOW WOW YOUU..the BEAUTYPUL girl and the HANDSOM boy

lately, i was read some article about friendship..the currently the meaning of friendship..
I'm glad to answer this even though I could feel the pain! *Oh. Silly me*(fuckyoufuckyou)

What is best friend?

friendship like TVXQ??

My very own definition: Someone you love damn much, someone that you can tell any secrets, someone that you don't mind to show your weaknesses, someone that you don't want to loss.. But, they have no blood relation with you. They are not you siblings. Not your cousins. They are strangers at first.

Okay. Now let me tell you, who are my best friends. I love them so much. boy's and girl's..

the handsome boys..like this!!

and...many many more=)

** aku ngah belajar bahasa inggeris memandangkan aku memang tak amek MUET..walaupun agak memalukan jugak speaking aku ni..tapi aku akan cuba lagi untuk menulis dengan lebih panjang lagi lebar sampai kau akan termuntah-muntah baca...maaf inggeris aku huduh gilaaa

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