20 July 2011

watashino namae ANISA


WELCOME to my very nothing-at-all blog. Please be nice &behave. I do not into people that ask me to follow BUT I'll follow if Iinterested with your very de-VAVA-BUM blog. Do follow meSINCERELY. TQ

part of me A.N.I.S.A

I strongly believe that I am a simple but sweet lil girl haha.
 I love laughing with my friends.
 I love to eat.
 I love posing.
 I love music.
 I love my friends.
 I love wasting that very gold time and I love you. :)

DIPLOMA MECHINICAL ENGINEERING in AGRICULTURECurrently in semester 2. Blogging is one of my way to express something that I love to share with you my dear handsome guys and cute girls. Serious but hahaha.


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