16 August 2011



Selamat menonton ke rancangan Kawen Harini Cerai Esok ye ye..
Anda bersama saya Dr Fadilah Kamkamkamkam come to mama ye..

Insan yang cemerlang bermula dari akal, hati yang tenang dan jiwanya yang yang kuat ye. 

Bangang seminit. 

OK OK OK. I wanna test my english in writing and fyi my english is broken in speaking.Why the heck this happened to me? In my new semester,our english lecturers always ask us to speak in their classes. I am gonna say "Its a scaring time !".For sure my whole body is freezing. What im gonna say what im gonna say. Erghh. Then if my name is called. I will be a silence person most! How should i be a gentle person by just relax,calm and look cute of course when i have to speak? 

There are a lot of problems. First,i dont have self confidence. Second,i dont know what to say even my mind had a plenty ideas. Third,i feel ashamed because there are some of my friends which  is good in speaking but i am not! 


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